Efficiently manage inventory, orders, and fulfilment across multiple stores, all in one place

Our multi-tenant wholesale e-commerce platform enables wholesalers to efficiently manage their business processes, maximise sales and fulfil orders seamlessly.

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Unify Your Brand Identity: Maintain Consistency Across Multiple Stores with our Multi-Tenant Wholesale E-commerce Platform

The Orderbit multi-tenant e-commerce module empowers you to build your eCommerce store, enticing business owners to effortlessly create their own online shops. This module offers exceptional reliability by eliminating any restrictions on the number of online stores you can create and manage.

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All Stores Under One Dashboard

Effortlessly manage all your active stores under one dashboard and track their operations, while your tenants can only manage their stores on the platform.

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Multi-Tenant Wholesale Platform APIs & Functionalities

We are here to transform and simplify how you manage multiple stores with our platform.

one platform to host all stores

single admin dashboard for all

each separate store with its own


Storefront and API

product catalogue

currency and prices

shipping and taxes

SEO and more

Unleash the Power of Integration: Seamlessly Connect with Third-Party Tools and Services on our Multi-Tenant Solution

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Easy to set up & manage

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You can set up your stores easily in just a few simple steps. Built on an open-source tech stack, this solution offers the flexibility to customise it according to your future requirements.

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Effortless administration is a key feature of this module, allowing the admin to conveniently monitor their stores on the platform and perform any necessary operations accordingly.

Features that Make Our Multi-Tenant Platform A Success

Easy to Scale

Our multi-tenant wholesale e-commerce platform is a highly scalable solution that allows unlimited product uploads and category creation. Sellers can confidently sell a large number of products in their stores without worrying about any performance issues.

End-to-End Payment Integration

Orderbit's multi-tenant e-commerce platform comes with default payment integration via PayPal. There's no need to integrate any additional payment plugins to collect payments from customers.

Super Agent Feature

The super admin can delegate responsibilities by adding multiple agents to the store. These agents can log in and manage the tenant's store and its entities, effectively distributing the workload.

Sell on Multiple Channels

Tenants can sell their products on multiple storefronts and manage them from a single admin panel. This streamlines product management, customer interaction, order processing, and inventory management across various web stores.

Tenant's Insights

The super admin receives real-time updates on tenant stores, including the total number of customers, products, and orders. These insights assist in making strategic business decisions and offering relevant services to tenants for future growth.

Landing Page

The super admin can create an intuitive landing page that highlights the platform's offerings and features, attracting tenants to register on the multi-tenant platform and establish their own eCommerce stores.

Access Control List

Tenants can easily create sub-users within the system and assign custom permissions, such as checking sales, catalogues, and categories. This feature enables effective delegation of responsibilities and enhances store management.

SEO-Enriched Shop

Our platform allows tenants to optimise their products, categories, and channel contents by defining meta descriptions and keywords for SEO purposes. This accurate information helps products rank higher in search engine results, creating better buying experiences for customers.

Automatic Updates

With Orderbit's Multi-Tenant eCommerce solution, tenants receive automatic updates regarding new features or version upgrades, ensuring they always have access to the latest enhancements.

Multi-Store Inventory

In our multi-tenant wholesale e-commerce platform, tenants can create multiple inventory sources for their products. This capability improves order fulfilment across a wide geographical region, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Secure, Reliable, and Scalable: Trust in our Robust Infrastructure to safeguard your Multi-Tenant E-commerce Business

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