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for wholesalers, distributors, dealers, brands and retailers

Achieve a resilient and unique commerce experience while upholding utmost security, stability, and scalability. Leverage the openness and capabilities of the Orderbit platform to concentrate on enhancing your business for optimal growth.

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Discover the ultimate B2B e-commerce solution

Orderbit, a smart B2B e-commerce platform, offers comprehensive solutions for businesses to boost sales, effectively manage their operations and elevate customer experiences.

Order Management System

Our robust order management system streamlines the entire order lifecycle, from creation to fulfilment. Businesses can easily process and track orders, manage inventory, and communicate with suppliers and customers, ensuring efficient operations and customer satisfaction.

Multi-Tenant Wholesale Store Front

Orderbit's multi-tenant wholesale storefront solutions empower businesses to create personalised and tailored experiences for their customers. With customisable branding, pricing, and product offerings, businesses can cater to different customer segments and provide a seamless and engaging wholesale buying experience.

Product Catalogue Management and PDF Catalogue

We simplify product catalogue management by providing intuitive tools to organise and showcase products. With the ability to generate PDF catalogues, businesses can easily share comprehensive product information with their customers, enhancing the browsing and purchasing experience.

Customer Price Lists

With Orderbit, businesses can create and manage customer-specific price lists. This allows for flexible pricing structures, ensuring that each customer receives personalised pricing based on their unique requirements. By offering customised pricing, businesses can strengthen customer relationships and drive loyalty.


The team at Orderbit integrates invoicing feature to automate the invoicing process, making it seamless and efficient. Businesses can generate and send invoices directly from the platform, reducing manual errors and speeding up the payment cycle. This ensures timely payments and improves cash flow management.


Our quote functionality enables businesses to create and manage quotes for their customers. Businesses can easily customise and negotiate pricing, terms, and quantities, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration with customers. The quote feature streamlines the sales process and helps businesses secure deals efficiently.

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High-End features to fuel your business expansion & profits

Instant setup
Profile creation
Lucrative storefront
Professional dashboard
Smart metrics
Pricing tiers
Custom fields
Advanced search filter
Download orders
Order tracking
Push notifications
Multiple payment gateways
Business reports and analytics
Inventory information
API integrations
Highly secure
Offers & schemes
Filter products
Order carts
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