We help Wholesalers skyrocket their Business with An All-in-One Powerful Platform For Streamlined Operations, Customer Storefront and Sales Management

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B2B Wholesale Solutions

As a Seller

Deliver the right products at the best prices to your customers and manage your wholesale business operations effectively.

Orderbit helps you manage your customer's specific needs, orders, inventory, quotes, product pricing and more on a robust platform.

As a Buyer

Explore a wide variety of products and place your orders or ask for a quotation from multiple wholesalers with a click of a button.

Get access to all suppliers and wholesalers in your industry with single registration and login.

A Single Channel for Maximum B2B Business Efficiency


Build User-Friendly Customer B2B E-Commerce Store

Build a customer-friendly feature-packed B2B online store for your customers to view products and place orders seamlessly. An online storefront makes the entire ordering process simplified elevating the customer experience.

Easy customer registration and login

Take orders without upfront payment

Easy invoice generation

Build a brand focused website

Offer customers real-time inventory updates

Take pre-orders hassle-free

Price list management

Quote management

Product catalogue management

Order management

Customised discounts on bulk orders

Efficiently Manage your Wholesale Business, Reduce Time & Error and Boost Sales

Introducing our tailor-made admin tools, expertly crafted for seamless B2B order processing, revolutionising your entire operation. Effortlessly oversee your products and customers while automating the ordering process from inception to completion. Unlock precious time and bid farewell to expensive errors with our advanced solution.

Seamlessly manage orders, invoices and quotes

Manage customer data all in one place

Add/remove or edit products and prices as per availability

Track stock levels and logistics

Allow staff and sales reps to place orders on behalf of customers

Sales Reporting & Tracking

Unleash your revenue potential with Orderbit Wholesale B2B Commerce platform.

Experience the power to explore new sales channels and re-engage long-lost customers, unlocking fresh streams of revenue for your business.

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Slash operational costs by up to 70% with our efficient solutions

Say goodbye to expenses linked to labour-intensive data entry, catalog printing, and distribution. Eliminate the costs associated with fixing order errors and managing backorders, allowing your business to thrive with greater financial efficiency.

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