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Automate and simplify your quote generation and sales management to elevate your customer experience, retain loyal customers, and reach out to potential customers with customised quotes and close deals.

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Why Quote Management Is Essential for B2B Businesses?

B2B businesses are not easy and when you talk about quotes and sales the processes get even more messy. The traditional B2B business model did not include analytics tools to offer businesses with correct metrics and insights to efficiently customise, manage and track quotes. Conversion rates, sales, response rates and other KPIs are out of the question. The unavailability of these metrics made managing B2B businesses hectic and stressful.

Quote management can streamline your entire quote generation process by automating configuration and various levels of the process. With quote management in place, you can easily pull data from your inventory, product pricing, logistics costing, customer-specific insights and other relevant business data points that will help you generate customised quotes that convert.

Save time, reduce errors, improve customer experience and drive sales with our quote management solutions.

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Features of our Quotes Management Solution

Request Quotes for Single or Multiple Products

Send Emails with Quotations to Multiple Users

Add A Quote Button for Different User Roles

Convert Quote into Order

Create rules based on all or specific user roles

Set the priorities of the rules set for quotes

Quote request screen on a tablet device

Allow your Customers to request Quotes at the click of a button

Make requesting quotes easier for your customers on our B2B e-commerce platform where they can request quotes anytime on your storefront at one click.

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Smarter Quoting, Bigger Profits: Transform the way you draft & send Quotes

Manage your quotes smartly on our platform where you can view quote requests, categorise them as per their progress status, send quotes directly to customer's emails and track them all in one place.

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Master the art of Quoting: customise Quotes to meet your customer’s needs

Quotes tailored to your customer's requirements have higher chances of converting than general ones.

Not every customer is the same and likewise, not every quote demand is similar. So, instead of manually writing the quote and struggling to meet their needs, start automatically customising your quotes with more accuracy and efficiency.

Effectively Track & Report all your sales in one place

As soon as a quote has been started, the quote workflow process kicks in. Each individual company will require the capabilities to manipulate, control, and adjust the exact workflow that will work for their business.

Some key components within the quotes workflow setup and configuration include:

The ability to create and define custom status options (i.e. "Pending Customer Response," "Quote Rejected - Follow Up," etc.)

Integration with a CRM; the quotes may have been synced and managed within the CRM from the initial step - if that status changes in the CRM, are the changes sent back to the commerce platform?

Leveraging events and change points (quote approval, quote rejection, etc.) for messaging opportunities.

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Enhance your Quote Management with In-Built Messaging feature

By integrating messaging capabilities and providing easy access to historical quotes, orders, and account information, the sales team gains a significant advantage.

Here are key factors to consider when integrating quote messaging:

Defining communication touchpoints (refer to the workflow above).

Ensuring seamless synchronisation and data flow between CRM/ERP and the commerce platform.

Clarifying which system takes ownership of the messaging process.

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