Managing Business for Manufacturers gets easier

Orderbit offers a robust B2B e-commerce platform for manufacturers to manage sales, orders and business operations seamlessly. Our e-commerce platform enables manufacturers to build attractive, data-driven and manageable websites to handle and monitor everyone, from wholesalers to retailers in one place.

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Orderbit helps Manufacturers with go-to Business Solutions to effectively manage business

Our e-commerce platform includes a plethora of features and solutions for manufacturers that make it convenient for them to manage businesses and generate profits.

Order Management
Inventory management
Product Catalog Management
Flexible Product Pricing
Backend Management
Logistics Monitoring
Quotes Management

B2B e-Commerce Platform for Manufacturers

Get a reliable B2B e-commerce platform and build your private business website where wholesalers and retailers can securely log in, place orders and process payments. We are here to skyrocket your business growth with a tech-powered platform specially designed to cater for the needs of manufacturers.

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Key features of our B2B e-Commerce Platform for Manufacturers

Instant Set Up

Detailed Profile Settings

Secure & Private

API Integrations

Quick Setup with Data imports

Multiple Product Categories

Multiple Order Carts

Advanced Search Filter

Custom Orders

Export Orders

Track Orders

Order Priority

Product Barcoding

Stock Information

Streamlined Ordering Process

B2C Style User-Friendly Ordering Experience

Effortless Quote Requests

Customer Empowerment through Self-Service

Customised Setting for Every Buyer

One Click Reports & Metrics

Leverage the Benefits of our B2B e-Commerce Platform for Manufacturers

Boost Sales

Create personalised portals for distributors, wholesalers, or retailers, allowing them to place orders online with contract pricing and customised catalogues. By providing buyers with personalised experiences from the moment they log in, you can build stronger relationships with your partners.

Enhance Customer Experience

Our platform provides a range of buyer self-service capabilities, including automated product re-stocking, efficient management of past orders and invoice statuses, and seamless online quote requests. No matter how complex your orders are or the demand of your B2B buyers, Orderbit ensures a more efficient, seamless, and personalised ordering experience.

Centralise Your Data

Our flexible commerce platform empowers you with a unified point of control, simplifying website management and fostering growth in conversions, average order values, and repeat purchases. Orderbit enables consistent omnichannel experiences, ensuring a seamless transition for users across different devices and communication channels.

Why Manufacturers Trust Orderbit?

B2B-Centric eCommerce Platform

Orderbit is designed specifically to cater to the needs of B2B businesses, making it an ideal solution for manufacturers operating in the B2B space. It offers a range of B2B features, including customer-specific price lists, multiple product catalogs, corporate account structures, and quote-to-order purchasing workflows. These features are essential for meeting the unique requirements of B2B transactions.


The platform provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing manufacturers to customise and adapt their eCommerce operations according to their unique business processes. This level of flexibility ensures that Orderbit can be tailored to fit the specific needs of any manufacturing company, regardless of its size or complexity.

Seamless Integration

Orderbit seamlessly integrates with key applications that manufacturers rely on, such as ERP systems, Product Information Management tools, Accounting software, Logistics applications, and Customer Relationship Management solutions. This integration streamlines business operations, centralises data, and enhances overall efficiency.


As manufacturers grow and expand their operations, Orderbit scales effortlessly to accommodate increasing demands. Whether it's handling larger product catalogs, more customers, or complex workflows, Orderbit can adapt to support the company's growth trajectory.

Elevated Customer Experience

The B2B features offered by Orderbit contribute to an improved customer experience. The platform allows for personalised pricing, easy quote-to-order processes, and efficient management of customer accounts, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Streamlined Operations

With Orderbit, manufacturers can automate various aspects of their eCommerce processes, reducing manual tasks and streamlining operations. This automation leads to increased efficiency, cost savings, and better resource allocation.

Holistic Business Management

By integrating with key business applications, Orderbit offers manufacturers a comprehensive view of their operations. This centralised approach enables better decision-making, data-driven insights, and a more cohesive management strategy.

Streamline your Manufacturing Operations with our B2B e-Commerce Platform

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