Take control of your B2B orders and simplify workflows with our B2B Order Management Platform

Seamlessly manage your B2B orders on our smart B2B order management platform. Whether you are a distributor, wholesaler or supplier, we have the ultimate solution for you to effectively accept, fulfil and track your orders.

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Managing Orders Becomes a Breeze!

We offer a plethora of features and tools that make our B2B order management platform easy to use. Orderbit is here to help you automate your order management processes, streamline your workflows and boost profits.

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Optimise Your B2B Order Processes for Maximum Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Orderbit offers a feature-packed B2B order management platform that gives you a competitive edge in the industry by efficiently managing orders and hitting revenue goals.

Instant Setup

Orderbit makes it easier for you to set up your account within minutes with a user-friendly interface.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate your accounting and ERP systems with the Orderbit platform.

Products Catalogues

Our private product catalogue offers a wide range of product categories and showcases captivating product photos.

Flexible Pricing Options

Set different prices for different segments and maximise your profitability.

Introducing Volume Pricing

Advantage of our new volume pricing feature, offering your customers even more value for their purchases.

Effortless Product Search

Find the products you need to order swiftly and effortlessly with our real-time keypress search feature.

Customisable Display

Configure products and categories to be presented as either lists or thumbnails, providing a visual layout that suits your preferences.

Streamlined Product Filtering

Enhance accessibility by utilising our convenient one-click filters, allowing you to quickly narrow down products based on categories, badges, or special offers.

Real-time Stock Updates

Keep your sales representatives informed about product availability with up-to-date stock information. No need for them to contact you directly, as they can access the latest details without any hassle.

Real-time Order Cart Sync

Ensure seamless collaboration and updated information for all connected users with our real-time order cart sync feature.

Geolocation Tracking

Track the location of order submissions by your Sales Reps, providing valuable insights into the origin of each order.

Push Notifications

Stay connected and informed with timely notifications on your phone whenever a Sales Rep adds a new order, ensuring you never miss an important update.

Order History and Cart Items

Easily access the order history of buyers, including a comprehensive view of items in their order cart, including items that have not yet been ordered.

Order Activity Tracking

Monitor the progress of orders with detailed, step-by-step order activity tracking. Stay informed about changes in order status at different stages, enabling efficient order management.

Export Orders in Multiple Formats

Simplify data entry processes by downloading new orders in various formats such as XLS, PDF, JSON, and XML. Choose the format that best suits your needs, streamlining your workflow.

Buyer Rating Tiers

Leverage our star rating system to rate and categorise your buyers. Unlock specific features and privileges for buyers based on their rating, enhancing personalised experiences.

Multiple Shipping Addresses

Efficiently manage shipping logistics by adding multiple shipping addresses for buyers. Ensure accurate and prompt dispatching to the desired location.

Automatic Sales Rep Assignment

Our system automatically links the appropriate sales reps to the corresponding buyers, streamlining communication and fostering efficient sales processes.

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How Does It works?

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Orderbit orders screen
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Orderbit orders screen
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Orderbit order status screen
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Orderbit order status screen

Highlights of our B2B Order Management Platform

Secure & Private
List & Thumbnail View
Territory Management
Multiple Order Carts
Order Item Notes
Pin Order Item
Pending Order Status
Full Customer Order History
Splitting Shipments And Payments
Access To Financial Data
Import And Export Products
Product Configuration
Inventory Management
Featured Products
Product Reports
Tax Rates
Quote Requests
Quote Status

Accelerate Order Processing and Enhance Collaboration with our B2B Order Management Software

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Choose a smarter way to run your business with Orderbit!

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